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oh my goodness

I have almost no emotional connection with either of my parents. My mom is more like a presence that judges me and attempts to buy me things to show me affection but then makes me feel guilty or that i owe her after buying me anything or helping me with anything. So yeah she does a lot for me but theres strings attached and not the normal come visit me strings but the you are indebted to me for life because look at all the things I’ve done for you. And my dad might as well not even be my dad. I’ve tried making time to spend with him and he cancels every time so I’m done with that. My step dad is there for me more than both my parents but it makes me feel guilty because hes nicer to me than his own kids so i just give up. Like i dont even know what to do about them. If anyone wants to adopt me let me know.

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that one line from mean girls no one seems to remember or quote extensively